Sydney Film School was founded in 2004 to teach the essential filmmaking ‘tools’ necessary for a successful career in the global film industry. It is an intense training experience where our students learn how to be filmmakers. Through producing and crewing a significant number of films, students gain both the skills to be employed by the industry and create their own productions. Since Sydney Film School’s inception, alumni have gone onto successful careers across the planet and create a network for new students to build relationships with.


Sydney Film School offers 1-Year Diploma, 1-Year Advanced Diploma and Certificate III in Screen and Media. Our courses are intensive, hands-on programs where students learn through production. You learn the theory of filmmaking and then apply it by making films. Lots of them. You create your own vision for your films, while also crewing your fellow filmmakers’ projects.


Our Mentors are experts at delivering instruction, and working professionals. They understand what it’s like to start out and how to guide you towards a career in the film and television industry. At the heart of our teaching philosophy is our desire for students to find their unique vision. It’s reflected in our program right through to our logo. We want you to show an audience how you see the world. At the same time we prepare you with the craft skills essential to engage in opportunities in film and television production.


Sydney Film School is based at Waterloo Studios, a working production facility. Waterloo Studios is a purpose built film and television studio that houses state of the art equipment for students. In fact, our equipment rivals many production houses and our sound stage is one of the best in the country. From editing bays to screening rooms, rehearsal spaces to sound suites, we have everything available to walk in with and idea and walk out with a completed professional project.


Filmmaking is the symbiotic relationship between the visionary and the team to create the vision. In many institutions, access to actors is limited or not available at all. Sydney Film School shares the Waterloo Studios facility with Sydney Actors School, one of the leading acting programs in the country. Sydney Film School students build working relationships with the acting students with the intent to create great film and television programs. This collaborative environment enables all students to understand the important relationship between filmmakers and actors and makes for a great environment to build lasting friendships and future professional collaborations.


We are always looking for better ways to deliver programs, looking for how the industry is changing, how we can equip our students to meet those changes and most of all, encourage you to create a future in the film and television industry that is exciting and thriving. We look for a special kind of student that dreams big and wants to learn how to achieve that filmmaking dream. Because we are a boutique institution with limited enrolments, we can be flexible to meet the rapidly changing industry the world over. Our goal is to produce high calibre filmmakers who have a vision of their future. We believe in dreaming big and know that dedication, encouragement and industry relevant training is the key. We want to work with students who want to courageously find their vision and project it to the world.