Digital Cameras

  • Sony PMF-5 Cine Alta Digital Cinema
  • Canon Cinema EOS C300
  • Canon Cinema EOS C100
  • Sony PMF-3K w/ S-LOG Upgrade

Film Cameras

  • Pentax K1000 SLR Film Camera

Camera Support and Accessories

  • Satchler 7+7 150 mm Fluid Head
  • Satchler 9+9 150 mm Fluid Head
  • Sachtler System 25+ 150mm Tripod
  • Sacthler Video 18+ 100mm Tripod
  • Ronford-Baker Legs Kit
  • Manfrotto 501 Fluid Head Tripod
  • Miller DS-20 Tripod (w/ Alloy Solo Legs)
  • Miller DS-10 Tripod (w/ Alloy Solo Legs)
  • Zacuto Follow Focus – Z-Focus
  • Tilta FF-T04 Follow Focus Kit
  • Chrosziel 4×4 Matte Box
  • Bright Tangerine – Viv 4×5 Matte Box
  • Arri 4×4 Universal Matte Box
  • TV Logic 5.5″ Monitors
  • Sony 17’’ OLED Monitors
  • Wooden Camera Shoulder Rig
  • Sekonic Dualmaster L-758 light meter
  • Assorted filters


  • Canon EF Cinema Primes Kit
  • Sony Super 35mm/T2 Lens Kit
  • Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 Ex Dg Hsm Lens
  • Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 Ex Dg Hsm Lens
  • Canon EF Zoom Lenses 24-70mm f2.8
  • Samyang VDSLRII Primes
  • Optitek ProLock Canon EF Lens Adaptor for Sony F5/F55/F3 

Lights, Fixtures and Accessories

  • Arri Locaster LED Set
  • Ianiro Ianebeam 2K
  • Redhead Kit
  • Filmgear Junior 2K Fresnel
  • Arri Softbank Kit (750w, 650w, 300w)
  • Area 48 LED
  • Kino Flo 4ft 4-Bank
  • Kino Flo – Diva Lite
  • Dedo Kit 150w
  • Full complement of reflectors, cutters, lighting stands and accessories  

Location Sound Recording Equipment

Sound accounts for 50% of the cinematic experience, which is why our students have access to microphones and sound devices to use out in the field or in the studio.      

  • Tascam DR-70D
  • Zoom H6n Digital Recorder (4 track)
  • Sennheiser Radio Mic EW100 Kit
  • Rode Microphones NTG-2 Kit
  • Zoom F4 MultiTrack Field Recorder
  • Zoom F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder
  • Rode Video Mic Pro+ Kits
  • MKH8060 Shotgun Microphone
  • Full compliment of carry-bags, harnesses, rechargeable batteries, cables,. microphone accessories and connections

Grip Equipment

Our students are able to translate the energy of their imaginations to the screen with a range of grip equipment available for them to add movement to their shots.    

  • MovieGrip Goblin Dolly
  • Mathews Western Dolly
  • Digidolly
  • Metres of straight track
  • Full complement of grip accessories

Post Production Facilities

Students at Sydney Film School have access to our dedicated edit suites, which run the following software on 21″ and 27″ iMac and Mac Pro:  

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (including Premiere Pro CC & After Effects CC)
  • Pro Tools
  • DaVinci Resolve

Reference Materials

Sydney Film School houses a resource and reference library which includes an extensive collection of local and international audio visual materials, industry journals and reference books.  

Specialist Equipment

As well as the above equipment, students are able to rent gear from various Sydney-based equipment rental houses and businesses with which we have arrangements for discounts.  

SFS fosters positive relationships with many rental houses, including, Lemac Film and Digital, Panavision Asia and The Front.